Innovative Solution for Your Kitchen with Grand Larder Unit


A refrigerator with a surrounding built in pantry… Innovative idea, we are particularly excited by this clever solution called Grand Larder Unit. These cabinets have all been designed to create a fantastic centrepiece for your kitchen. These pieces consist of four principal components – the larder, the concealed fridge freezer, the oven housing cabinet and the bridge link cabinet.A key area for any kitchen is the larder or food store. Guilty of these cabinets is the company Richard F Mackay Furniture. The finished effect is outstanding as well as a truly fantastic space for the serious chef! Grand designs for all to enjoy.

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  • I’m curious about the heat coming from the refrigerator. It must be warming the surrounding cabinets (even slightly) and the cabinets include drawers for vegetables and fruits fresh from the garden that would do best in cool conditions.

    • Kotiya on said:

      Indeed! Essential consideration.. there’s a cauliflower just like right there… Could have additional shelving in the center, or even an indoor vertical herb and greens garden, keeping the cabinetry light-tight and ensuring no moisture damage will eventually be issue. Perhaps even growing plants that are repellent to kitchen pests…if more light is needed, LED’S stay cool and last for years on pennies to power. Much cooler route than a fridge 😀 Also someone may use ice without power, like a cooler or cold-case (we don’t have the electricity yet where I live to power a fridge), or a green DIY cooling system in which the heat is drawn away from the area altogether, like to the outside or underground, the radiator-esque tubing leaving the kitchen and entering again later with the circulating coolant.

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