Inspiration For A Vertical Garden With Root Pouch

Root Pouch was created by horticulturalists to help reduce the number of plastic pots that end up in landfills. A Root Pouch can be installed virtually anywhere: rooftops, patios, apartment balconies, wooden or chain-link fences, urban community walls or even indoor vertical spaces. Any man-made surface can be transformed into a beautiful, living, organic green space.

How to use ?

“Root Pouch Living Wall pouches are available in single, double or triple-pouch styles, and can be used individually or linked together to create impressive, multi-story structures. A lush indoor herb garden, a shady garden corner cascading with ferns and moss, roof garden cascading with shady ferns or a disused wall turned into a productive, vertical vegetable patch—the possibilities are limitless!” in according with Root Pouch website….

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