Kinder Surprise Egg Cake


When you see the way bakers manage to prepare those awesome cakes on TV, you might feel kind of disappointed that your baking isn’t that inspiring. Worry no more, because we are here to teach you a nice trick on how to become more like the popular chefs. Here is all you need to know about making a neat Kinder Surprise Egg Cake! You start by baking normal all-purpose flour round cakes. Then, cut the layers of cakes (do not hollow them) and build the base. Use the rest to fashion strips of sponge and position them on top of each other, just like in a pyramid. Use cream cheese to fill the gaps between and in the strips, making them stick to the entire shape in the process. Then, you could make a mixture of sour cream and spread all of the strips, in order to give it a more egg-shape. Now, use a large piece of white fondant. It helps if you have some pastry equipment, like a roller. Next, take some more fondant and color it in black, red orange, blue, yellow green and purple. Apply it to your cake in such a way it mimics the design of a real Kinder Surprise Egg. Enjoy!


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  2. Evelyn McCabe says:

    How do you order a kinder surprise cake?

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