Knotty Pine Cabin


All people would like to live in a structure that is as close as possible to their dreams and construction plans. If you had the possibility wouldn’t you build your own home? Surely, there is a large amount of work involved into raising your own nest, but starting with something basic, like a cabin will help. And surely, building a cabin right from a kit helps a great deal! The Knotty Pine model will surely fulfill all of your requirements. The final resulting cottage will bear no visible seams. Also, the wall panels have insulation as well as the 4’-wide roof panels which will save you some costs and time by having pre-installed knotty pine paneling with insulation and soffit vent directly in the panels. Check out the Knotty Pine cabin in further details and embark on this adventure of building your own nest!



No visible seams

The Knotty Pine Cabin is a 4 Season 12’, 16’, 20’ or 24’ wide engineered Cottage with no visible seams when the cottage is complete.


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