Luxury Mobile Home


Elegant and innovative! If these are the two words with which you would like to describe your perfect RV, than you will love what we are about to show you. Marchi Mobile brings to those of you who love extravagance a bold futuristic design imprinted in a marvelous car. The eleMMent series is an awe inspiring segment of premium vehicles. Fine technique and craftsmanship of the German manufacturers are noticed through each door, corner, window, furniture and decoration. The smart facilities are blend with style to create something of a royal futuristic ambiance. You will definitely be impressed by the slide-out portion which enlarges your interior area by a whopping 80%! An automatic gangway will welcome you on board while an impressive sky lounge, actually a lift-able overhead bridge, will be at your disposal at a push of a button. But this are not all the surprises it hides: a lavish bedroom, a luxurious bath and a gadget that will instantly transform your living furniture by lifting it up some inches, making it much more suited for events.


This vehicle responds to a wide range of needs. Whether you want to use it as a promotion vehicle, a VIP shuttle or an ordinary mobile home for the weekend, the eleMMent is perfect for it. Unique in the segment of large vehicles, the car from Marchi Mobile, with its style, with its finishes, with its gadgets, will surely stick to your memory for years to come.



Marchi Mobile eleMMent Pallazo Mobile Home Exterior Views, Side, Front



4 Responses to “Luxury Mobile Home”

  1. elwnyc says:

    But what mileage does it get?

  2. John McDonald says:

    I’ve really messed up. I bought a static caravan in countryside in Scotland. I’m low energy. I’m sorry. I’ve let myself down.

  3. Richard says:

    Nice ride

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