Monument of Native American Hero “Crazy Horse” Slowly Taking Shape in South Dakota

Have you heard about the Crazy Horse sculpture in South Dakota? It is a monument, that once completed, should be larger than Mount Rushmore and is being constructed without any governmental funding.
The sculpture is located 17 miles from Mount Rushmore and it is a monument dedicated to the most iconic Native American hero. The constructions for it have been on-going for 70 years and the monument is finally starting to take shape.
The story of Crazy Horse dated back to the mid-1800s, being a freedom fighter and a Lakota war leader. The sculpture was commissioned in 1939 by Lakota Chief Standing Bear, but it seemed to be an impossible work at the time as it was planned to be larger than Mount Rushmore and come to life without any money from the government. It seems the Polish-American sculptor, Korczak Ziolkowski was the right man for the job, as he believed that as long as you work hard, you can do anything.

The works on the monument began in 1948 and in 1982 Ziolkowski died, but his wife and 7 children took and committed to completing the statue. Although the project seems to be taking shape, it is still not known when it will be finished since there are still so many details to be added. Tickets are already being sold for visitors to see the statue’s completed face and the money will be used to finance the final stages of the construction.


  • Jackie Rozell on said:

    The American Indian will never be vanquished. The American government will never forgive the defeat of its glorious Custer at the hands of Crazy Horse. Hoka Hey!

  • carver james on said:

    i didnt like history in school but now i like to watch it on t.v. i think its grate the ppl. that do these monuments its part of our history sad part about some ppl/ today want these monument be removed ppl/ today are not like the ppl. back in the day back then the ppl. would stand together not today thats why our history and the world is going to hell on my note i like the work these ppl. are doing

  • Andrea Sullivan on said:

    It is about time that such a magnificant artistic creation of this Native American hero is being worked and brought forth.

  • donna shepler on said:

    This is a labor of Love and History ! I am loving this very much .Although I wont be on Earth when this is finished maybe God will let me get a glimpse when this is done !

  • Raven Nevermore Stuefen on said:

    I was there when I was 9 years old. They had just blasted out the area under his outstretched arm. I have always wanted to go back. I hope it will be completed in my lifetime. I am going to be 53 in January.

  • Lorraine Cameron on said:

    It’s going to be a wonderful Tribute to a True Leader and respected Warrior..I just want to say this there is one only man who has claimed he has an Authentic Photo of Crazy Horse ..This is an Untruth ..Crazy Horse NEVER ALLOWED and Never TRUSTED the White Eyes at all in any way …He walked away when one famous photo was taken of the Chief’s…There is a Photo of his Cousin standing in full clothing with a background taken in a studio of sorts and quiet often you are told that it’s Crazy Horse it’s Not ..Crazy Horse ren off for the night with a married Native women when the husband returned the husband Shot at Crazy Horse hitting him in the side of the Face injuring his Face badly and part of his nose …The photo they have is as I said his Cousin after this event …Absolutely No Injury to his Face in the photo ..
    Crazy Horse never Trusted The White Eyes ever even until Death itself ..
    Navajo here and PROUD….Thank you for Reading Wado

  • Messina Yazzie on said:

    I went to visit this place n loved it been there twice 20 years apart. We traveled over 1200 miles…. mayb they should let natives in free .

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