People Are Upcycling Old Glassware Into Stunning Glass Garden Mushrooms

Being forced to stay inside can help you improve your creativity and DIY skills. If you have a garden or patio, you’re among the lucky ones as you can still go outside daily and enjoy the sun in a safe spot. So why not also try a fun Spring crafts project that will add some personality to your outdoor space? And the best part is that this will be a project that uses recycled glassware so you can also do a little bit of Spring cleaning.

If you have old glassware at home, you can turn these into cute mushroom decorations for your garden and the only thing you’re going to need is super-glue. You can create glass mushrooms by using transparent glass or mixing and matching different colors to make a colorful garden design. This is a very easy DIY project, so if you have children you can ask them to help you build the mushrooms and spend some quality time together while having fun. For inspiration, check out the selection of ideas below.


  • Cecelia hager on said:

    They are creative and cute but wouldn’t they be fire hazards? My understanding is that glass in direct sunlight will start a fire. ???

  • Carol on said:

    Can’t make mushrooms. What I am interested in is the metal piece just above the glass mushrooms in the next to last picture…circle top, two arms coming down and kind of spiral below that. I have one exactly like that. Don’t know what it is and really would like to find out. I found a drain cover that fits perfectly on top and we use it as a small table on the deck.

  • Andrew on said:

    Wow, people…they’re just glass mushrooms made out of cheap, mass-production glass bowls (a dime a dozen at thrift stores) and old FTD vases (I recognize them from my first job as a floral delivery guy during high school! Now there’s a blast from the past).

    Glue ’em together, put ’em in the shade, and just marvel at the whimsy, if that’s your idea of a good time 🙂

    Be well!

    • I’ve seen these bowls at Dollar Tree…and the vases at thrift stores as well as my garage! I think they’re really cute…I’ve also seen cups and saucers used as garden decor, just not mushrooms.

  • Just be careful your not using valuable, old glass. Once it’s glued, you can’t save it. I have seen very nice antique glass ruined on these kind of creations.

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