Plant A Magical Moon Garden With Flowers That Bloom At Night

If you still haven’t decided what to plant in your garden for this summer, then maybe you’ll find this next article inspiring enough to start planting.

Some flowers that are more special than others, especially if they only bloom occasionally. But there is even a smaller niche out there, as some flowers only bloom at night and those are the ones that you should be planting in your garden if you want a nice twist.

Among these species is the Night Gladiolus, which is a yellow flower with a strong scent.

Night Gladiolus

You can also choose to plant Night Blooming Jasmines or Evening Primroses, as they are delicate and have a very pleasant fragrance.

Night Blooming Jasmines

Evening Primroses



The Evening Stock can be another good idea, as it has tiny little purple flowers and will create a magical atmosphere in your garden. They also look beautiful on camera, so just think about all the great photoshoots that you can have out there.

Evening Stock

If you want a fast-growing flower that blooms at night, Night Phlox should be on your list as they also have a pleasant honey/vanilla scent.

They also look amazing in the moonlight, so the atmosphere of your garden will be dreamy.


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