How to Reuse and Recycle Old DVDs


If you like projects that center on the upgrading of old objects, then you will surely like this next one. It is also a recycling project as you will need to find a new purpose for your old DVDs that you don’t need anymore. The tutorial will teach you how to make a Birdbath with a mosaic look by using recycled DVDs. Maybe you already have a birdbath at home, but if not you can buy one at a local store. In case it has some cracks, don’t worry as they’re of a special material, called J-B Water Weld, that will help you repair the cracks in the birdbath. When it comes to the DVDs, you should use only the silver colored parts as they will create a shiny effect.



Start cutting your DVDs into 6 or 7 equal pieces, but don’t separate these pieces from the center of the DVD. Rip each piece from the center by hand and repeat this process until you have enough tiny pieces that can cover your birdbath. In order to protect the silver shine of the DVDs you should use Krylon Crystal Clear Gloss and spray each little part. When the pieces have dried, start gluing them on the surface of the birdbath, creating any kind of pattern you want. You can use Liquid Nails Clear Seal to glue them. When the glue has dried, apply some grout between the pieces of mosaic and that is all. This will keep the little bathing birds protected as their feet won’t get stuck between the cracks of the DVD pieces. Go outside and find a nice place for this unique decoration in your garden.

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3 Responses to “How to Reuse and Recycle Old DVDs”

  1. Audrey says:

    Did you paint the pieces first? I love the colors…

  2. WildBird says:

    Er, isn’t it ironic that you make a bird bath out of used CDs/DVDs, while in some other tutorials, we learn how to hang them in fruit trees to scare the birds away?

    Plus I do find the result beautiful, but i’m not sure it’s very environmentally sound to create a bird bath using spray gloss and nail seal. Just saying.
    So, this is a good recipe for an a decorative piece of art, but for the birds’ happiness, it might be better to put a plain earthenware dish in your garden – or a small natural pond, where possible!

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