How To Make A Rose From Orange Peel – DIY Orange Rose

orange-roses I found a video tutorial about how to make roses from orange peels. It’s easy, all you need is an orange and a knife. Cut the orange peel carefully and then roll it into a flower. By the way, you can decorate your food with fresh peel roses, or let them dry for few days and decorate your apartment. Dry orange peel roses appear to be very pretty in candles vases too. How does it look ?

3 Responses to “How To Make A Rose From Orange Peel – DIY Orange Rose”

  1. aggi says:

    Done, very easy and is so joyful, left them to dry for couple days and will incorporate orange roses in to potpourri. Lovely stuff, thank you for sharing!

  2. Samriddhi says:

    This is really amazing use of orange peels

  3. David Noura says:

    I like it

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