How to make sandwiches filled with ham and cheese


The same old same ham sandwich for breakfast is beginning to annoy you and your stomach? You crave for something a bit more sophisticated, yet you don’t want to change the ingredients that make you start your day with a hype? Then you’ve reached the right spot. Read carefully how to make a couple of baked buns filled with ham and cheese and you’ll never have a dull breakfast again. Here are the necessary materials:

• ham and cheese of course;
• plain or pastry dough;
• an egg yolk;

Forgot to say this recipe is very simple and efficient as well. So start with preparing the dough. You could do this the night before or buy some packs that are already baking ready from the supermarket. Make small balls and spread them out into rectangles double the size of a slice of ham and/or cheese. Fashion strips just like in the image, with the help of a knife, on the half that isn’t covered with your food. Roll it inward from the side that isn’t cut. Make as many as you like. Put them on a baking pan lined with parchment paper, brush egg yolk on their surface, and leave to bake at 180 degrees for about half an hour. It will cost you half as much as it would if you buy a similar product from a shop in town. And they’re delicious!



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