Space Saving Furniture Cupboard with Table and Chairs


When you’re confronted with saving as much space in your home as you can, there are no wild solutions. Every creative idea is welcomed and happily implemented! And the Ludovico set is as creative as they get. Claudio Sibille, an Uruguayan industrial designer come up with the idea of an entire office in one assembling unit, for which he received a Golden A’ Furniture and Homeware Design Award in 2012. This modern piece of furniture lets you enjoy the space of your room while having the benefits of any regular office area, for example. The slick wood design hides an entire table and two chairs in what seems to look, at first, like a single drawer unit. With cleverly placed handles, the chairs fold in and can blend perfectly between the two pairs of drawers. A tall table is also ingeniously crafted so it can be placed over the entire piece of furniture and doesn’t ruin the design of the unit, on the contrary. Give this creative and contemporary furniture a chance and you will surely be impressed by the capabilities it has. Space will no longer be an issue for your home.






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  1. Judwhere can I get directions to make one ofhsesesesesy Harper says:

    Where can I get directions to make one of these? This is cool cool!

  2. Adele says:

    Where can i buy this?

  3. andra says:

    Super !!!

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