Space Saving Idea: A Desk That Transforms into a Bed


Working till late hours may cause some serious harm to your sleeping routine. In order to avoid getting insomnia in all the wrong hours of the day, make sure you have the proper arrangements for catching a good night sleep while still being able to work until the night. Mira Schroder came up with a bold design for a desk that doubles as a bed. The transformation is accessible via a simple flip that instantly replaces your day-long office desk with a comfortable medium-size bed. The office-bed-table is also suitable for those who prefer working from home. The bed is integrated into the overall design of the office unit so it won’t be too weird or too hard for you to accommodate to it. And as an indirect bonus, turning it upside down makes it a bit protected from dust, so it’s no longer necessary to remove the sheets each time you use it; that means more time to invest in your work. Check out the photos and see if you can see yourself taking a good night sleep (or nap) in such an office bed-desk.







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