They Bought Three Silos From A Farm And Transformed Them Into Amazing Living Spaces


Silo homes are truly amazing! Using silos to create a house is a great choice to build a modern, non-traditional home. This next family did exactly this: they bought three silos from a farm and transformed them into amazing living spaces. But the silos are not designed for living inside them, so they had to make some adjustments first such as insulating the walls with foam. To create a whole, they built corridors between each silo and connected them. The space available inside each silo is of 500 square-feet and the middle silo is used as a garage. What looks like a traditional home from the outside, paved with beautiful stonework, turns into a really cool alternative living space once you notice the silos. To learn more about this cool home, visit the link below to see the pictures of its interior.






14 Responses to “They Bought Three Silos From A Farm And Transformed Them Into Amazing Living Spaces”

  1. Adam says:

    Where can I see more pictures of this house? That’s not enough..

  2. Don Hughes says:

    They reslly need to do a better job of making the silo more appealing by showing more pictures of the interior.

  3. rosa idalia rivera galvan says:


  4. Ct says:

    NO picture on the interior finishing. Not much to see what is being transformed.

  5. Chani says:

    What,? nothing of the interior? Must have been a huge challenge…

  6. Maggie Mae says:

    Where on Earth are the Interior Photographs??
    This show very Little of the OUTSIDE Only??
    Would appreciate seeing the Interior.Thanks.

  7. Letty Johnson says:

    What the heck! Hello….more pictures would be nice.

  8. LuAnn says:

    Would love to see more pics of the inside!

  9. Robert Anderson says:

    Is the foam the type that releases formaldehyde?

  10. Hal Sanders says:

    Those are grain bins, not silos.

  11. JIppyman says:

    I’m sorry, but this looks like an opportunity lost to me. So many bad decisions on the exterior, I’m sort of glad I can’t see the inside.

    The lights are way too large for the surface they’re mounted to. Leaving patches of unfinished concrete with odd shapes in the rock fascia just looks bad instead of interesting or “arty”. Putting the garage front and center absolutely ruins the aesthetic of the structure, not to mention the flow inside is split in half, making it look like a rental double. They would have been better to put it on one end, put a window on the front of it to match the rest of the house. The pipe going from silo to silo puts it back “on the farm” instead of repurpose-ing he look. The flower box dealie is tacky. The chosen color for the trim/garage door is nasty and clashes with the silver/gray of the silo exterior, a white, light gray, light pale blue, etc… would have been much smarter, even black would have been better.

    So many bad decisions, it’s obvious they had no professional design help.

  12. Darla says:

    These are actually not silos, but grain bins. Silos are taller and more slender and used to store corn silage.

  13. Darla says:

    Silos are taller and more slender and used to store corn silage.

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