This GoPro Camera Got Swallowed By Lava, Survived and Recorded Everything

Thanks to modern technology and advancements in this field, videos of unique phenomena are caught on camera and are recorded for future generations.
It is the same with this one of a kind footage of a volcano erupting, that was captured by a GoPro camera before being partially melted by the lava.

Thanks to Erik Storm, an environmental exploration guide, posterity will have access to such unique insight.
He was in the middle of a tour in the Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park and left his GoPro camera on the lava pat. Surprisingly, the camera kept on recording even though it has been partially melted and when the camera was recovered, Eric found the SD card intact.
His initial plan was to film the slowly crawling lava and left the camera in a crevice, but the lava spread across the device, and Eric thought that it had been destroyed. In an interview, he said that he recovered the camera with the help of a geology rock hammer and to his surprise, it managed to capture its entire journey through the lava on camera.

It is truly incredible that a tiny GoPro camera survived such high temperatures and managed to record footage of such intensity.

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