This Tiny Barn & Greenhouse Would Make a Fine Tiny House

Transforming already existing space is the essence of the tiny house movement. Of course there are many small homes out there that have been constructed from zero, but the most amazing ones are those that had another purpose at the beginning. This beautiful barn and greenhouse, would make a stunning tiny home as it has everything one might need: a resistant wooden structure, large windows with plenty of natural light and enough space for a small family or couple. The barn and greenhouse were made with the use of reclaimed materials on a natural stone foundation and located in the heart of nature is the perfect spot for a tiny home. How do you imagine your perfect tiny home? Is it a traditional or a modern one? One that is located in a calm place or near the rush of the city?

A combination greenhouse and small barn for storing equipment. Made almost entirely from reclaimed materials, with a natural stone foundation.” Michael Fogg.



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