Man Built A $150 ‘Tiny Home’ He Can Tow With His Bike

The concept of a tiny house surely sounds like something familiar, but just wait until you see this home and the word “tiny” will be an entirely new concept. Paul Elkin managed to build one of the smallest homes on wheels, by attaching a house to his bike. Of course, it is not intended as a permanent residence, it is rather a shelter in case he goes on a long ride or it starts raining while cycling.
Elkin is a self-thought designer, who used to work at Boeing, and he is now focusing on his passion for building small and unconventional houses, such as tepees, house on wheels, and boathouses.
His designs are made to be highly resistant in any weather and easily transportable. His bicycle house design in called Nomad Bicycle Camper and it features a small bed, a tiny kitchen with a sink, and even insulation. It cost him $150 to build it and you can download an instructions manual from his website for $20 and build it by yourself.
Of course, before going reckless and buying the tutorial, make sure that you thought it true and you have enough time and patience to venture yourself into such a project.

And if that’s one step too far, you could always check out the tiny homes for sale on Amazon.

3 Responses to “Man Built A $150 ‘Tiny Home’ He Can Tow With His Bike”

  1. Lashana says:

    So nice for the homeless god bless you😇

  2. Kay says:

    I think it’s a great idea..People are struggling will taken care of huge homes and the bills that come along with them..I wish I had a tiny home…Anyone know where I can buy one cheap under 20000

  3. Janet Beck says:

    Is this the Paul Elon that worked at Boeing in Everett WA? I think he used to be a friend of my husband.

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