Unique Chess Boards Hang On The Wall

Vertical Chess Sets

What if we told you that entertainment can be marketed like artwork? We’re not talking about high-tech bizarre piece of art but an ordinary wooden chess board. The design is brought by Straight Up Chess who deliver an intriguing piece of art which is a workable game at the same time. So if you wondered how you can play and improve your interior design all at once, this is the answer for you. The Red Cherry Straight Up Chess set has support for the pieces of the popular game in order to move them in a vertical way without interrupting the game dynamics and fun. This is not all of the ingenious ideas brought by the developers. You can play a game of chess over a period of days, because they included some markers on the narrow acrylic shelves. With this gadget you can now mark your last move or a check action and the opponent can reply when he or she passes by the `painting`. Suitable for a bar or office room and any hallway, for about $210 , the vertical chess board can improve your décor and entertainment facility in just one piece. Choose it or not for this purpose, it’s your move now!

Amazon – Vertical Chess Boards and Sets

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