Window Mounted Solar Charger


Don’t you just hate it when your phone suddenly runs out of power and you don’t have a socket near you to charge it? Well, the Window Mounted Solar Charger will save you from those kinds of situations! It must be mentioned that this clever device isn’t really an alternative to your normal phone charger. The solar panel of the Window Mounted Solar Charger is used in garden LED lamps, so the time required for properly charging (to the full) your phone is way too long. Instead, the device featured on this website is perfect for emergency situations, like when you’re on the plane or in a waiting room and you must use the phone for a few minutes. Check out the slick design, the price you can get one, and order yourself a few of them right away!



Solar Window Charger .. version 1
Solar Window Charger .. version 2





Solar Window Charger .. version 1
Solar Window Charger .. version 2

11 Responses to “Window Mounted Solar Charger”

  1. Carol dale says:

    How can you purchase these

  2. Becky says:

    You can buy them on Amazon

  3. Mike R Mielenz says:

    I would like to buy a window charge, please.

  4. Mike R Mielenz says:

    yes sir, how can I buy one

  5. Firdaus says:

    Hi. How i got it

  6. Jordan says:

    They sell them at Walmart.

  7. ABHI YADAV says:

    How can i Purchase this charger and what is cost of this?

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