Woman Used Five 20-Foot Shipping Containers To Build Extraordinary Off-The-Grid Home

Slowing down in a fast-paced city can be very hard, as there is the constant fear of missing out. Whether it’s related to work, events, traffic, or even people from our environment, everything seems to be in a constant rush to keep up with the everchanging times we are living in. Under such conditions, experiencing states of burnout has become more and more common, and many people decided to move away from the noise of the city.
Choosing an off-the-grid lifestyle is not easy, but the peacefulness and cost-efficiency of it are both tempting.
Rosie is one of the persons who choose a shipping container as her new home, and she moved to a sanctuary in New Zealand, called Coromandel. There she set up a home comprised of five 20-foot shipping containers which look truly luxurious.
The tiny home is powered entirely by solar power with the help of 12 panels, and the house also has two 2,500 liter water tanks attached. But the best investment here is reflected in the stunning scenery, which only adds to the value of the house and makes you wonder how great it would be to change places with Rosie if only for one day.

If you’re a fan of shipping container homes, then this is a video tour you won’t want to miss! In this weeks episode we meet Rosie, who has constructed an incredible off-the-grid home out of five 20ft shipping containers.

Take a tour of Rosie’s off-the-grid tiny house by watching the video below.

12 Responses to “Woman Used Five 20-Foot Shipping Containers To Build Extraordinary Off-The-Grid Home”

  1. David says:

    What was the cost?

  2. Luise Barton says:

    Love it

  3. Tom in Hilo says:

    Do you have a floor plan for this? =-)

  4. Judi Blakely says:

    How much cold and heat can this container hold tolerate?

  5. Shaun Pankoski says:

    Is this a permitted home? Does she own the parcel of land on which it sits? Where is her wastewater going? I’m so tired of these articles taking about alternative homes, ie, “off grid”, “tiny homes on wheels” and the like, giving people the idea that they can just plop something down anywhere without proper permitting, zoning and infrastructure. And BTW, these “outside of the box” homes are not cheap, at the end of the day. At least if they are done correctly.

  6. Lr says:

    Beautiful. Amazing place. Can’t see where all those 450k are in the house, i assume the land is taking most of it.
    Very enjoyable home.

  7. lientje says:

    This is great!!! Would like to have one!!!

  8. Nick Catricala says:

    Thanks for sharing.. can I ask you what was the cost is and who done all the design and work to this off-grid place?

  9. container tautliner Brisbane says:

    With shipping container storage, you only pay what you need. For example, you can opt to store your goods for one month. It then provides you minimal capital outlay.

    • Beverly Clark Higgs Higgs says:

      Oops, Your kitchen is bigger than my 2 bedroom Apt. My first post the spelling is messed up

  10. k says:

    I have a shipping container on my parents land in nh. they didnt have laws for it yet so as long as I didnt put water pipes into the ground it hasnt effected the taxes, etc. I dont think they have created any new laws yet bc not many people are doing it. It was 4,000 for the container, 1600 to spray foam it (very necessary bc condensation in this climate) I put in a wood stove and windows and door with a person who knew how to weld and cut steel. I also have put in plywood floors. recently hooked up electric. $700) its very easy to keep this place warm or cool. I have an outhouse and dug a dry well.

  11. Beverly Clark Higgs Higgs says:

    your kitchen is larger than my 2 br. apt.

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