12 Unexpected DIY Flooring Alternatives


Would you like to give your home a funky and youthful look? You can start with replacing the flooring and creating some really cool patterns using unconventional materials. Have you ever thought about recycling bottle caps and creating a colorful flooring out of them? If not, then these next ideas will convince you that even the craziest ideas can be put into practice and turned into amazing design tricks. Another totally unexpected but nice design tip, is to create a rustic floor out of horizontal wood cuts, such as oak or maple. You can also add small branches to fill the gaps and create a very natural and traditional flooring. For more amazing DIY flooring ideas, check out this next link and tell us which one is your favorite!

1. Bottle Cap Mosaic


2. How To Make A Beautiful Floor With A Few Pennies Sq.Ft

Copper-Penny-Floor more details here…

3. Vinyl record floor


4. DIY Paper Bag Floor

DIY-Paper-Bag-Floor more details here…

5. Impressive Flooring Pieces Inspired from “Reptiles”

Flooring-Pieces-Reptiles more details here…

6. A pantry floor made out of pieces of various types of pre-cut 1x wood

hardwood_floor_pallet more details here…

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