A pantry floor made out of pieces of various types of pre-cut 1x wood


Your idea of installing a new hardwood floor is just a few steps away from reality. With less than $100, the next DIY project has managed something few might consider possible: turning pallets into hardwood floor. Don’t rejoice just yet, because the project itself will require some effort from your part. From cutting the pieces of pallets down to the desired sizes to grouting the soon-to-be floor, all these measures have come from your part, no trick to skip these available in sight. Remember to stick a roll of foam underlayment so insulation is taken care of. The featured pictures will guide you throughout the process. It’s a really nice and easy DIY project that involves a good use of pallets. Share the result with our community so everyone can see what a great work you have done.





4 Responses to “A pantry floor made out of pieces of various types of pre-cut 1x wood”

  1. becky @ Flipping the Flip says:

    Thanks for sharing my floor!

  2. Tony says:

    Very nice.Would also look nice in a mancave.

  3. Deb says:

    What’s the sawdust for….what’s mixture if for between wood

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