+15 Space Saving Furniture Ideas


Space saving furniture is a great invention, as more and more people live in small apartments, where lack of space is a pressing issue. Of course, everyone would like a nicely furnished apartment with all the comfort, but sometimes lack of space pushes us to buy less furniture and limit ourselves to only some basic items. But what if there was a solution to have separate pieces of furniture that can also be merged into a single piece, allowing you to save a lot of space and transform you home each day? You can have all this, by investing in modular pieces of furniture that can be pulled apart and then assembled quickly, according to your needs. For instance, you can invest into a couch that can be pulled apart and turned into a separate seating place with two armchairs. Or an awesome desk, which is also a mirror and can be mounted on the wall, when you need more space in your room. There are lots and lots of great examples, feel free to look at the pictures for other great ideas.


1. Stylish 3 in 1 Modular Sofa


2. Two in One: Amazing Design and Space-Saving with Dedon’s Obelisk


3. Space-Saving with an Innovative and Dynamic Furniture Piece


4. Space Saving Idea: A Desk That Transforms into a Bed



5. Space-Saving Solutions for Small Apartments



6. Space Saving Furniture Cupboard with Table and Chairs



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