Two in One: Amazing Design and Space-Saving with Dedon’s Obelisk

It’s a egg…It’s a bomb…no … It’s a space-saving furniture set … This absolutely unique, breaking down into an armchair, table, four lounge chairs and a coffee table, Dedon’s Obelisk offers superb space-saving opportunities with space age design. Anyway most important aspect of this type of furnishing style is its ability to fit in to the limited spaces. Therefore, when we looking for buy furniture, we need to

be sure of the items have space in our home to not return it. More details about this set can be found in the link below…


7 Responses to “Two in One: Amazing Design and Space-Saving with Dedon’s Obelisk”

  1. designer says:

    Thanks for your understanding, I try to make everything as good as possible, any suggestion is welcome, I want people to know what updates are on the market to inspire ideas and the opportunity to buy cheap and quality.

  2. Kiersten Bishop says:

    OMG I want one lol we live in a tiny apartment with our 3 month old daughter and have very little space I would gladly toss out the couch for a 2 in 1 set ! ! ! 🙂

  3. Jonnie says:

    This is perfect !! I have a very small patio, that contains the HVAC, and nothing else, because I could not find anything to fit there without hindering the repairman. This would solve that problem. y youngest daughter has a larger patio, with two young children, who play on the patio constantly, this would give them a larger play area. Can it withstand children and weather?

  4. caroline says:

    where can i buy this egg

  5. Stefano says:

    I would like to buy this egg set of table and chair
    I live in uk..
    Contact me by email thanks

  6. Deborah Semple says:

    I would like to purchase this for my home,please send the link to make a purchase. The space saving furniture set is just what I need .

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