Space-Saving Solutions for Small Apartments


When your home design is so perfect without a bed occupying almost half of the actual living space, you are bound to get frustrated at some point. Saving space has become something like a mission for designers and architects alike. With the Telemaco 90 single bed unit you won’t have to worry anymore. Made of wood, the unit has a height of 2.2 meters and a width of little over 1 meter, and with a smooth surface, it blends nicely into a wall, freeing up much needed space in the home. When it’s time for sleep, the bed can be folded-down in one simple and light movement. The unit can also be featured with a small table which conveniently folds beneath the bed when it’s pulled down; so you aren’t forced to clean up the desk whenever you’d like to take a nap. The manufacturer provides with matching finishes and fabrics, according to your specifications and desires. This creative solution will handle the problems you might have had before with enjoying a proper living room and sleeping whenever you like.




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