DIY Family Handprint Tree


We have a lovely DIY project for today, a project perfect for spending a nice weekend with the family. It’s a family handprint tree, which will look great in your living room. Handprint are is quite popular today, as you can find different art projects with handprints on many arts and crafts websites lately.
First of all you will need a frame to start with and a posterboard. This will cost you less than $10. Start with drawing a tree on the board, it will take you a little time until your tree looks good, so draw it with pencil first and then take a brown acrylic paint and color the tree. Now comes the fun part, where your kids can help too.
Take some colored acrylic paint, the more colors the better, and paint your hand and your children’s hand with them, and leave your print on the posterboard. Don’t worry, acrylic paint can be washed off easily and it is not toxic. Then you can write something nice on the board, making it more personal this way. Now all you have to do is hang the piece of art on the wall and enjoy it.




9 Responses to “DIY Family Handprint Tree”

  1. maria says:

    Would like to get a Family Birthday Board, however cant get to order one. Need help. HELP!

  2. lailimaan says:

    can we use oil paint for this?

    • Jean says:

      Use whatever you want, good grief. You don’t need permission. Experiment a little.

      • Melissa says:

        Why so snarky? She’s just trying to get some insight. If you’re not part of the solution you’re part of the problem. Have a nice day 🙂

        • Debi Cruz says:

          Geez I totally agree Melissa. Snarky and certainly not demonstrating a very cheerful state of mind. I wondered what types of paint could be used too. Oil can pre pretty hard to get off and definitely requires pretty harsh chemicals for clean up. I somehow assumed the post might include a link to make some kind of paint. Finger paining paints came to mind. I think most paints could probably be used but I might avoid oil simply because of the cleaning factor. Great job for holding that one accountable. Keep smiling!

        • Barbara Lyons says:

          She was giving permission to be creative, to use anything colorful. I got the drift and I thought the comment was very nice. I personally liked it and would enjoy meeting her.

  3. Gia says:

    I wouldn’t suggest oil paint for handprints. Particularly for Littles. Oil paints require solvents. Soap & water don’t work. Use acrylic which dries permanently but is water soluble while wet.

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