How To Build A Brick Smoker


Having your own smoker in the backyard will save you a lot of walks and money to get that special meat you want and like so much. That is why we suggest you go DIY and build a smoker with your own two hands; although some help wouldn’t hurt. Even though there are lots of projects involving metal barrels, we suggest you try and make one with bricks. There are lots of things you have to do, don’t imagine it is an easy task. For instance, the firebox and cooking area require prior planning in space. So before you start building away, better make all of the measurements needed. Read the full instructions on the following page and just imagine how that gourmet meat will taste right from your own backyard.


“First I layed the base with 4 in. cap block.   Then layed firebrick on top of that.  Outside of that I layed 8 in. block.  You have to create a air space between heat and outside to keep it from sweating and compensate for thermal expansion.”


Ready for rebar and concrete

Brick-smoker-3Cris-cross each run of block to make it stronger

Brick-smoker-4Offset brick in fireplace for grill

Brick-smoker-5Smoker base with clean out.


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