How To Build A Brick Smoker

Brick-smoker-6 Finally getting started.  Vents on both sides of the firebox for air intake.  I used vented ash dumps for this. Door is off the firebox frame to make it easier to work with.  Brick against clean out door till it sets.  There is about 2 in. between firebrick and block.   The fire box is started off the top of base.  That way everything is protected by firebrick.

Brick-smoker-7 Setting the cooker doors.  Once again this door must be set level.

Brick-smoker-8 The first shelf is not seen.  Its between the two doors.

Brick-smoker-9 The white pipe is power to a light.  I wanted to have some kind of power source at my build so I ran a line for a receptacle and light.


Brick-smoker-11 View from top down.  Ready for damper

Brick-smoker-12 This is the damper.  The slide has been removed.

Brick-smoker-13 Inside is stuccoed  for smooth flow. 

3 Responses to “How To Build A Brick Smoker”

  1. Ben Watson says:

    Do you by chance have a rough est. of how many brick you used for the smoker?

  2. Joseph Iannizzi says:

    Where did you get the doors and frame

  3. George Sanford says:

    Where did you buy the doors and frames?

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