How It Looks Beach Sand Under a Microscope

Examining things to a microscope can reveal a whole new universe to the viewer, and this is no different with sand. Ole Bieldfeldt is a Cologne-based photographer who had the wonderful idea of placing beach sand under a microscope and whole a colorful selection of things.
The photographer is known for his deep zoom images, which are showcased through the project called Macrofying. Through his pictures, Bieldfeldt uncovers the micro-universe that is unknown to the eye, and his journey started by discovering an old microscope in his attic.
After practicing his technique, the zoomed-in picture became more and more clear and now he even exhibits his works in galleries. For his latest work, exploring beach sand, the photographer collected the raw material from the beaches of Mallorca and revealed the colorful coral, tiny rocks, and pieces of shell hiding in the sand.
But the microscope also revealed an inconvenient truth and showed the signs of pollution present in the sand and all over around us. By revealing this not-so-pleasant dirty little secret hiding in the sand, Bieldfeldt also wants viewers to reflect on its impact on the environment and the mark we humans leave on the organisms surrounding us.

Macrofying: Instagram 

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