Beautiful Garden Fountains


If you don’t already know how to improve the look of your garden, why not take into consideration a majestic fountain right in your own backyard? Do you feel ready to take the step of beautifying your garden in a DIY manner? Don’t worry though, you are not alone in your endeavor. We are here to help you. Check the ideas that we collected throughout the time and find out what kind of fountain you could make, like the backyard buried fountain, or the cascade solar fountain. We will guide you during all the process and by the end you will know how to make a garden fountain from scratch. After all this is completed, your garden could easily be featured in those design magazines you often browse. Be inspired and you surely can achieve this result with the help of a fountain. There are plenty of designs you could choose to implement; round ones, square ones or ones that mimic a natural wild landscape. Take these examples as reference or check out the above mentioned links for more pictures.  majestic-fountain-design-1


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  1. Maud Dannhauser says:

    I love this idea which amaze me. I saw one before buti can remember it in Pinterest to save it. I’m extremely ill and want my grandson to remember me and now I can’t find anything.

    Can I send you a photo please. Maybe you will remember.
    I love your work, is very exciting to try one.
    Thank you for so much to still help people, like in retirement old age houses which give them something you created. May God bless you abundantly for sharing. Regards

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