How to Make a Garden Fountain


A garden shouldn’t be just useful (i.e. to provide space to exercise, or to supply fresh air and oxygen), but also appealing to the eye. And water is an important element in the aesthetics world. Water gives you a feeling of relaxation only by hearing or watching it flow in the garden. If you want to improve your garden design with that ambiance, here is a

short tutorial on how to build a garden fountain. Before starting the actual work make sure you have settled upon a place to build it. Here is a list of materials, mostly resistant to water, you will need to have to complete you very own garden fountain:

• a large decorative outdoor pot;
• a deep pot;
• a pot;
• a pump and copper pipe;
• a valve;
• some waterproof adhesive;
• river stones and gravel;
• an electrical cable;
• PVC pipes;
• extension and a power source near the small fountains;
• a cutter;
• a pair of scissors;
• a drill;
• (optional) some paint;

Start by digging the spot for positioning the basin. We recommend the hole to be slightly larger than the basin in order to also position the PVC tube that isolates the power cord. You could place a few river stones on the bottom of the bowl, for support. Then, put the pump in the middle of the container and connect it to the pipe. Install the valve as well. Insert the cable through the PVC pipe in order to isolate it.


Now, you could either mount the decorative bowl and upper water tank or create a support from stones by gluing them with a waterproof adhesive, obviously after you punched openings for the copper pipe.

Fill the basin with water and the valve will be open. Stick river stones or other decorative items around the fountain, to hide the PVC pipe that insulates the cables and give the fountain a more natural aspect. Make sure the main electricity works perfectly before finishing, avoiding future accidents. Turn on the fountain and there you have it: a pleasant project for making your garden a bit more special! Add water from time to time if you notice some is leaking (or just evaporates). Also, feel encouraged to make small food containers for the birds that the fountain will definitely attract at some point.

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    I shall be grateful, if you can help me with some design based upon rural architecture.

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