DIY Awesome FIRE PIT Patio

This Summer spending time outdoors will be a priority as it’s the safest way to meet friends and family during the coronavirus pandemic.
If you have a large outdoor space and want to make it more attractive, you can build a rounded outdoor patio or fire pit.

This DIY firepit idea made by Brooklyn Limestone can be put into practice easily and it will be the main gathering area of your Summer get-togethers.
You will need to do some preparations before starting the building process, as the entire space needs to be cleaned and excavated. Then you can start constructing the fire pit, and a great tip is to use landscaping fabric and pea gravel to make sure that weeds won’t be spreading around the pit.
Stones and polymetric jointing have been used to fix the pit in place.
You can also use pieces of broken rock, just like in the pictures, to create a nice patio that leads to the pit and install outdoor lighting.
Once the pit is installed, you can start decorating the area and making it as cozy as possible for your guests. Find the step by step instructions in the link below…

This is the before they installed the Firepit Patio:

and AFTER…

Firepit Patio – Country Cottage DIY Circular Outdoor Entertaining Space

More details HERE…

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