Grow an Avocado Tree from Seed

Growing avocado at home is not an easy task, as many who tried have failed before. Since avocados are highly nutritious fruits, it is worth struggling a bit until finding the perfect tricks to grow them at home. So the next time you buy avocados, make sure to keep the pits and use them to grow a tiny tree.

This idea can also be a great educational DIY to try with your kids as they can learn so much about growing techniques and taking care of plants. So if you’re ready to grow an avocado tree, the first step will be to remove and clean the pit. You have to make sure not to cut or remove the brown skin from the surface of the pit. Next, you’ll need to find the ends of the pit so you’ll know how to place them in water to sprout.

The more pointy end is the top of the pit and this is the part that needs to stay out of the water. The bottom is the place where the root lies and needs to be placed in water. After establishing the ends, pierce the avocado pit with 4 toothpicks to ensure stability when placed in a glass of water.
A good idea would be to stick in the toothpicks at an angle and once you are ready, place half of the seed in a glass of water and find a sunlit place for it.
After that you’ll need to be patient as the sprouting period can take up to 8 weeks but in the end, you’ll have a cute little avocado tree.

In this Video You will learn how to plant Avocado, germinate the seed (step by step the easiest and fastest way the result is excellent).

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