Let’s go camping! A tour of teardrop trailers

The global DIY community is really impressive sometimes and they have created a lot of things which the world will benefit creatively from. Among those creations, the teardrop trailers stand proud! The original design was signed by Louis Rogers. Located in Pasadena, California, this handmade trailer house, intended only for the honeymoon became popular when the design plans were published in the 1940s in a magazine. Why do people still love them? Because they are light and easy to tow, they have an aerodynamic shape and generally look cute. Take a look over some examples that enthusiasts have realized over the years. Don’t they just look perfect to take on a short holiday?

Hutte Hut Trailer: A Dome on Wheels

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* Unique retractable roof technology.  ** Fits under a seven-foot garage door.  ***Huge windows ****Usable even while roof down.

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This cozy teardrop has a big surprise – Must See Interior!

What you see in the pictures isn’t just an ordinary teardrop trailer. Read more here…

TerraDrop Off-Road Camper Trailer

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  1. Annette Grainy says:

    Love the Teardrop. What about a little bigger drivable campers? What size vehicle do I need to pull Teardrop

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