This cozy teardrop has a big surprise – Must See Interior!


What you see in the pictures isn’t just an ordinary teardrop trailer. The people from T@B have brought you an exciting and luxurious mobile home. You might think that’s an overstatement, but this cozy teardrop trailer isn’t just a place for sleeping, it also has a fully functioning kitchen inside, stocked with a sink, fridge, and stovetop! That’s not all the good news, because there is also a bath included, with a shower and a toilet. You read that right: no more public toilets when you’re on the road! And if you were wondering where is the bed, find out that the banquette from the dining area folds down into a big bed. Take the virtual tour and watch the video to see it for yourself.






5 Responses to “This cozy teardrop has a big surprise – Must See Interior!”

  1. Ann-Marie says:

    I wouldn’t call this a teardrop … It’s a small caravan……A teardrop should be towed by most cars’s or motor bikes. It has a rear hatch or galley a kitchenette. Has a queen size bed which can’t stand in…. Teardrop campers first appeared around 1930’s after the war….

  2. Nita says:

    I need a teardrop camper

  3. Richard B. Dickman says:

    Would like to see your concepts. Thank you.

  4. Ton van Schie says:

    Nice design. It’s exactly what I’m looking for.
    What’s the status? Design for sale? Concept phase? Unit for sale?
    Kind regards

  5. Ton van Schie says:

    Just now, the other pictures showed themselves. I want one

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