Living In A Van Allows Them To Exploring The World

Vanlife magazine features stories of adventurers from all over the world. You can learn more about their experiences, life and why they choose a van to be their temporary or even forever home. The next story is about Jess and Lova’s camper life, what they learned after choosing this lifestyle and also what to expect from such a choice, both positive and negative aspects. It all began when Jess and Lova met in Austria and decided to move to North America together and travel around, since both of them had a passion for traveling and knew that they will be satisfied with whatever jobs the adventurer life brings them. They bought a van, an A Ford Econoline which they refurbished together and named Frankie in the end. They say that the best part of this lifestyle is that they can travel whenever they wish, meet new people and have new experiences together. The downside of their choice is the fact that they are always on the road and many of their things get dirty or dusty very quickly. But having that kind of freedom comes with a few sacrifices that are definitely worth it.

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