NASA beams back spectacular images of Jupiter and our solar system’s biggest moon, Ganymede

Whenever NASA has an announcement that it will release new footage, you know that quality content is coming your way. These newly shared pictures are of Jupiter and its largest moon, Ganymede, and were taken by NASA’s Juno probe.

The pictures were taken on the 7th of June and NASA shared with the public an animated series of pictures, showing the images as seen from a starship captain’s point of view. This is the first close-up of the largest moon in our solar system and the wait was worth it for every space-enthusiast and the larger public.

The images captured both the lighter and darker areas of the moon and the effect happened most probably due to ice sublimation. This is the state in which ice is transforming from its solid state to gas, and to capture something like this on camera is truly breathtaking.
The time Juno had to make to travel from Ganymede to Jupiter was 14 hours and 50 minutes, and the gas giant also reveals itself in this animation. For more amazing animations and images, make sure to follow NASA on social media as they are constantly outdoing themselves through their shared content.

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