Summer House Features Innovative Roof Pool and Panoramic Views

A roof pool sounds like the ideal place to be spending a hot summer day. Anti Reality embraced this concept and created the most amazing holiday house design with a pool on its roof and all it took was an inverted roof.
This idea led to a luxurious basin that was placed on top of the residence which goes by the name Summer House.
The one-story house which has a size of 914 square foot was designed to be placed at the bottom of a cliff, facing the ocean. Summer House is still at the level of a concept, but if materialized it will surely be one of the most interesting designs out there. The rooftop is only one element that makes this house outstanding, but its outdoor walkway and panoramic windows complete the picture perfectly.
The key concept to this is house is to make the maximum use of its space both indoors and outdoors and to create an immersive experience for its residence.
The aim is to engage the house’s residents to be a part of the surroundings and enjoy nature up close.

Anti Reality: Instagram

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