Your Dog Can Now Be a Mechanics Assistant With This Cute Dog Work Vest

If you like taking your dog on all sorts of journeys and involving it in all the activities around the house, then this mechanics assistant vest is a must-have.
The dog shirt with pockets was designed by someone in Russia who decided to turn its dog into a tiny mechanic. The small pockets on the vest can hold all sorts of small tools and your dog can become your little helper while staying close to you at the same time. Since the dog in the pictures is a Dachshund and has a long body, it also has a lot of space to hold the tiny tools.
In case you would like to dress up your dog as a mechanic, several options in online shops that resemble the design from the pictures. But of course, if you’re feeling crafty enough, you can always make create the doggy blouse yourself and add as many pockets and accessories as your feel like.
Feel free to browse the Internet for more ideas, as you can create all sorts of special purpose vests, such as a vest to hold a small doggy bag, raincoats, and even vests for service dogs. This is available in the link below…

Find it HERE…

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