Amazing and Innovative Bookshelf



13. Pulseline

This Pulseline was designed by Måns Salomonsen. The source of inspiration was obviously from the well-known shape of a heartbeat. The shelf works both as wall art and as an object to display some magazines and smaller items you like. The edge is painted with a florescent paint that glows in UV light to emphasize the silhouette. Dimension: Width: 1000 mm Depth: 230 mm.



3 Responses to “Amazing and Innovative Bookshelf”

  1. Nico says:

    These bookselves are so creative, just beautiful.!

  2. lieve says:

    hi, could you please inform me/us what the name of the design or designer is for the shelf of the 7th design? it is picture number 9, the one where you can reconfigure the shelving modules into hundreds of different configurations. thanks a lot in advance!

  3. Robert Sarik says:

    This a great assembly of bookshelf designs. Great thought was put into these. Some really are technical. Others are very creative, Fantastic post! … I bookmarked this post for future inspiration. Thank you

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