Off Grid Tiny Cabin Made from Pallets and Reclaimed Lumber













4 Responses to “Off Grid Tiny Cabin Made from Pallets and Reclaimed Lumber”

  1. jim neilson says:

    Be careful! Pallets are used for international shipping and are fumigated with god knows what chemicals/poisons in the different countries they travel through. Heat Treat stamps mean nothing entire containers are fumigated irregardless of what is in them.

  2. Greg says:

    Your argument is invalid because irregardless is not a word.

  3. Rob Bridgeman says:

    What did you use for a door and how did you secure it ?

  4. rick says:

    i have learned the hard way ,all from using recycled pallets , i was build rooms in the cellar , at work they were tossing wood from a shipping container out . wow i hit a gold mine of 2×4’s and plywood . all the wood came from south america .(WARNING ) TREES FROM SOUTH AMERICA CAN BE SOMETHING WE DO NOT WANT TO TOUCH . after cutting to size i came down with weird blister s all over my body that wasnt covered by clothing . ps i wearing a dust mask … i found out the wood i was cutting was poison ivy . i spent 2 months away from my job until i was cleared by the dr’s to return to work . in the long run i didnt save one dime . now if im scrapping wood i make sure it is american wood .and i stay away from pallets with the stamp on the side from over seas

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