94-Year-Old Grandmother Kept Meticulous Book Log for 80 Years

A 94-year-old grandmother, Nada, kept a meticulous log of every book she read for 80 years, beginning when she was just 14. Her dedication resulted in an archive of 1,658 books, finished at an average pace of one every two weeks. This impressive collection includes works in multiple languages—English, German, Serbian, and Hungarian—reflecting the diverse linguistic skills she possessed. Despite the disruptions in her education due to fleeing Germany in 1943, Nada’s passion for reading never waned. Her grandson, theology, and literature professor Ben Myers, discovered this incredible record after her passing. The log not only provides insight into the books she read but also offers a window into her evolving interests, ranging from Christian literature to classic novels like The Count of Monte Cristo, and later, books on yoga and meditation.

Myers shared this extraordinary archive on social media, highlighting the rich tapestry of his grandmother’s literary journey. Nada’s story is particularly poignant given her background as a refugee from a poor peasant family, who nonetheless nurtured a profound love for literature and learning. Her reading choices were eclectic, reflecting her broad intellectual curiosity and resilience. Additionally, Nada was an avid poet, writing original verses that often touched on themes of displacement and hope. These poems, preserved alongside her book log, showcase her ability to find beauty amidst turmoil. Through her meticulous records, Nada’s legacy continues to inspire and connect, illustrating the enduring power of literature to transcend time and circumstance.

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