13-Year-Old Artist Creates Incredible Animal Drawings From Memory

Some child prodigies leave you breathless when you see their talent. The Serbian Dusan Krtolica is such an example, as he has been drawing since he was 2 years old and his talent only grew more impressive over the years. Now, at 17 years old he emerged into a true artist and his intricate drawings representing the animal kingdom have earned him a large fanbase on the Internet and not only. Dusan prefers to work in pencil or black pen and his works represent anatomically correct animals and plants with a very keen eye for each small detail. His interest in nature developed when he received an animal encyclopedia from his parents and loved the images so much that he decided to draw every image from the book.
But Dusan’s interest is not limited only to living animals, as he also enjoys drawing dinosaurs and other ancient mammals. This passion of his resulted in an amazingly illustrated encyclopedia of prehistoric animals, that contains a lot of useful information about extinct animals.
You can order Dusan’s book, named Encyclopedia of Prehistoric Animals directly from Amazon.

You can buy Krtolica’s Encyclopedia of Prehistoric Animals on Amazon and check out more of his drawings on his website.

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