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Cats House Design with Rondo Stand

Recently I presented a wonderful Cat Tree House built by some people who love cats. Now come with a new project called RONDO STAND from Germany. Thanks to the three different designs in felt, wicker and leather, it can be integrated into any sophisticated living environment. The standing base made from brushed stainless steel is designed so that there is no danger of it tipping over, even when used by Continue reading “Cats House Design with Rondo Stand” »

Unusual Rugs With An Interesting Design

I think most of you out there are fascinating by unusual ideas when it comes to interior design. And when those ideas become practical, the interest grows. Unusual rugs are not something many of us have encountered in people’s home. However, have you ever wished to see one or walk on one in your own home? These creative rugs make you think about the ground you’ll walk on in the future. It is easy to be creative, Continue reading “Unusual Rugs With An Interesting Design” »

10 Interesting Bathrooms Ideas

We found a series of interesting bathroom projects designed by Blanca Sanchez of Halo Design Interiors. Here are some words from the designers about the interiors presented below: “These bathrooms were designed for two large residential mansions in one of the most exclusive residential housing areas of the United Kingdom. Both houses have classical neo-Georgian exteriors, with imposing front elevations. Both were built high on a hill, with extensive views over the surrounding estate, with views as far Continue reading “10 Interesting Bathrooms Ideas” »

WITJES Wall Storage System

The good thing about WITJES is that it can be incorporated in both small and large rooms. The WITJES wall storage system is build on different shades of white, resembling the old Dutch ‘witjes’-tiles that varied in color due to inferior production techniques. The storage consists of modular cupboards that can be positioned in different configurations, creating different wall patterns or storage sizes. You can order any amount of cupboards in any size.

Continue reading “WITJES Wall Storage System” »

Beautiful Fresh Design In 40 Square Meter

This is a refurbished apartment that has 40 square meter.  It’s small but, as you can see not lack anything … has whatever it takes. Before the renovation, the apartment had more walls, but the owners want open spaces where the interior is airy and that really changed the way the apartment looked like.

Continue reading “Beautiful Fresh Design In 40 Square Meter” »

Temperature-Sensitive Glass Tiles

Showers – Design a beautiful shower installation that will shift colors through water temperature changes.
Color-changing dyes and additives have been offered in paper, plastic, and textiles for some time, but this product takes the idea into a new area: glass tiles. Offered in a range of colors and sensitivities, the tiles change color based on ambient temperature, body temperature, or water temperature. Moving Color is an innovative technology which takes glass tiles to Continue reading “Temperature-Sensitive Glass Tiles” »

Space Saving: Individual Shelves which fold up when not in use

Klaffi Shelves is a space-saving shelving unit that has individual shelves which fold up when not in use. The shelf is perfect for any type of items, ranging from DVDs to magazines, and small accessories to cookware.
The shelf can also be used as an entrance-way unit for holding items such as shoes, keys, wallets/handbags, and anything else you don’t want to leave behind when you exit your home. The shelf’s narrow stature allows itself to be placed within hallways, alongside the bed or even for bathroom storage. There are currently two Continue reading “Space Saving: Individual Shelves which fold up when not in use” »

Luxury Bathroom Collection by Branchetti

The new Luxury Collection of bathroom furniture by Italian manufacturer Branchetti is exactly that: luxury. Combining that all important Italian flair for style with a need for functionality and practicality, Branchetti has created a designer bathroom collection that oozes sophistication and glamour. From the highly polished mirror surfacing to the elegance of the capitonne-style panelling, these contemporary pieces have been lovingly crafted for Continue reading “Luxury Bathroom Collection by Branchetti” »

Beautiful Pet Tree House

From a custom home builder of million dollar homes and a wife with a passion for animals – to master crafters of feline habitats. Joe and Shelley designed their first Pet Tree House for their own cats in 2008. The premise was twofold: to create an aesthetically pleasing feline tree house and a tree that the cats would actually use and would be a realistic outdoor experience for them making them feel more at home in their natural environment. Joe and Shelley have spent years perfecting the engineering of the tree Continue reading “Beautiful Pet Tree House” »

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