Man spends 3 years building whimsical tiny home by hand completely out of recycled materials

Cassimiro Mattioada, a true visionary and eco-conscious craftsman, embarked on an extraordinary journey that spanned three years, during which he meticulously crafted a whimsical tiny home entirely out of recycled materials.

This Gazebo is absolutely perfect

In case you are already looking for summer craft ideas, here’s a great one that will help you upgrade your backyard. It’s a beautiful gazebo for your outdoor space, and the original idea belongs to Matt Parker a carpenter who made this amazing piece for a wedding. Parker ...

Gigantic Log Chair

Custom furniture is often the choice for people who want to impress. At the same time, your closeness to unique items will be completely satisfied with a handmade custom piece of furniture. And if you are fond to the rustic design of things, this Gigantic Log Chair will be just the ...
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