10 Creative Ideas to Decorate with Concrete Blocks


Do you know that concrete blocks can be used in other ways ? Here you will find 10 creative projects to decorate with concrete blocks.. Enjoy!

1. A Sofa Made with Concrete Blocks



decorate-with-concrete-blocks-2 source

2. Concrete Block Porch Bench

decorate-with-concrete-blocks-4 source

3. Wedding Centerpiece

decorate-with-concrete-blocks-6 source

4. Cinder block shelf unit

decorate-with-concrete-blocks-7 source

5. Bed Frames with Shoe Storage

decorate-with-concrete-blocks-8 source

8 Responses to “10 Creative Ideas to Decorate with Concrete Blocks”

  1. ailash says:

    wow amazing idea love it i will try these

  2. arvinder kaur says:

    Exclusive fantastic concepts with less space

  3. daniel morris says:

    Love this. A really easy project!

  4. Chris Hendrickson says:

    Can you show the firepit in more detail?

  5. mojomom says:

    Love the ideas. Remember though if using outside and you live in an area prone to black widows or scorpions that cinder block is like a 5 star hotel to these pests.

  6. renee says:

    Some of these projects require a “glue” of some kind. So, which glue would work the best for outside projects with bricks?

  7. Sarah says:

    Head to your local Rona (Canada) Lowes or Home Depot store and look for some “PL” in the paint department. They sell PL for a lot of various surfaces, including Concrete. I’m sure you could also use a heavy duty sealer to hold them in place. Read the fine print on the side of the various tubes, and it will be sure to let you know what surface it’s recommended for. I wish I could tell you which one to use, but it’s been a while since I worked in the Paint Department and products change! But they’ll definitely be able to assist you.

  8. greendog says:

    Those steps are ridiculous. Why is the hollow part facing up? If it rains it’ll wash away the step.

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