10 Creative Lamp Designs


There comes a time when a redesign of your home is necessary. In these circumstances, you have to take things one item at a time. We reach out to your aid with this cute collection of creative lamps. From small night lamps to beautiful chandeliers, you will find them out here to grab inspiration or try to make yourself, at home. Because as you can see, the pieces that make up some of these lamps are usual household objects, like faucets, pipes or even hats! Surely, if they are not something you want to mimic in their entirety, at least you will be inspired to come up with even more impressive designs. Make sure you share this collection with your friends. They will thank you when they’re planning their own redesigning project.



2. Creative-Lamp-Designs-2

3. Creative-Lamp-Designs-3

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5. Creative-Lamp-Designs-5

3 Responses to “10 Creative Lamp Designs”

  1. Esther Torres says:

    love the lamps, would like to know how to make the water valve night light. Picture #2.

  2. Esther Torres says:

    Love the lamps, would like to know how to make the water valve night lamp. Great ideas.

  3. Bill Wilson says:

    Nice photos but NO DIY instructions for water faucet lamps, thought tis was a DIY group?

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