10 Hacks That Are Life Changing


It’s a common mistake to think your life could be better only if you have more money. Sure some extra cash will solve issues like a new bed that doesn’t squeak or a trip to the mountain, but a few life hacks could do magic for your livelihood. Don’t take our word? Just look at these 10 amazing tricks you can apply today and feel a definite change. For instance, switching the phone to airplane mode will not only make your battery last longer but you also can now play without those ads constantly popping-up. Those greasy potato chips make a surprisingly flammable tinder for the next barbeque you’re making for your friends. Use nail polish or Wite’Out to mark the right position in which your shower knob facilitates the perfect water temperature. If you don’t like to constantly check your tie to be in positioned in the correct manner, a tie saver made from a piece of unused shirt will make your tie stay close to your body and in style. There are many other hacks you should know, like the fact that kiwis can be successfully peeled with a spoon. Watch the video and learn them in an instant!



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  1. Mike says:

    That was the stupidest thing Ive ever watched. I feel a bit dumber now thanks.

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