10 Pallet Bed Ideas








7 Responses to “10 Pallet Bed Ideas”

  1. Not stupid says:

    Ugly.. Stop the recycled Pallet ideas. If your going to build something, make it look good..

  2. Betty Ball says:

    you can paint the pallets any color to go with a color scheme. What an easy way to make a bed with you cannot afford to by the frame. I think I might try this in my spare room

  3. Not Stupid is a retart says:

    I agree with ´they look nice´ im going to build one!

  4. May says:

    How long could it last? Im wondering

  5. Michelle says:

    They actually hold up really well as long as you get newer sturdier ones. Even if you want the vintage wood look I would recommend getting new pallets and distressing them yourself. They are very useful for many many things. We have a couch and table for our porch, tons of planters and our bed frame allade out of pallets. The long double pallets I think work best for under a bed personally. Also side note when picking out pallets. If toh need more than one for your project make sure you lay the pallets out next to each other because sometimes they look the same when your first looking at them but when you actually lay them next to each other they are either different heights or widths. 🙂 Happy Crafting!

  6. Muhammad Arfan says:

    Look nice, and i wish next Sunday built this ….. looking different .. 🙂

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