10 Simple Tips for a Successful Vegetable Garden


Usually chemical free vegetables and organic products are expensive, so when going to the market many of us avoid buying them because of their price. So as you can see, having a healthy life style and diet has its own costs, but this doesn’t mean you should give up on the idea. Instead of buying organic food, you can grow your own fruits and vegetables and have complete control over their quality. If you have the space to grow your own vegetables, you should definitely take advantage of that. But as always, when starting a new thing some useful tips and tricks can prove to be real life-savers. In the following video you will find a sequence of useful gardening hacks, focused especially on a vegetable garden. Tell us what you think about them and how did they work out for you.




  • samir r. on said:

    I am going to start a bissness project of 17 acres farm .
    I need to do it a paradise . With good various products plants and animal growing .
    What do you advise me and which webs should I see etc..
    The farm on hills and valley .

  • jivko on said:

    Thank you for this tips.I’m really glad that I find this article, really, even GHT and greenwoodnursery.com/ confirmed it!
    I have a garden in my home and I think this is one of the most amazing things because every time I looked at the garden it makes me feel relaxed and positive

  • We used large pieces of pc pipe cut into 12 inch pieces and plant our tomatoes in these in the garden. Helps cut down on diseases, super aide in watering and fertilizing. Also supports the stems while young. Reusable for endless years!

  • Thoralf on said:

    my internet is tooooo slow here, so I can’t watch that clip. So I see only the picture. To use the paper-rolls is a old trick, but to fold the ends of them: I never had done that. I simply pressed the soil with a hammer-handle, so the soil doesn’t drop out, filled loose soil on top, put it into the try, sticking the seed in and water the whole try….it never failed. For smaller seed/plants I use not toilet-paper rolls, but paperrolls, made from a old newspaper: simply rolled around a straight stick (broomstick, cable-pipe etc.), make it wet, let it dry, pull the stick out and cut it into the leght you wand it. Especially when you have small seeds, what not all germinate (red pepper, parsley…etc.) is it better to have tiny pots, where you can easely sort the “deaf”, empty pots out…and plant the good ones with the whole paperpot into a bigger pot, or directly out into the garden.

  • I use black plastic to cover the isles of my garden, I reuse it every year. The best organic weed control I’ve seen. Bring it indoors in the fall, it will last longer. All garden rows are the same every year so I add aged manure and till only what will be planted, not the isles.

  • April Leigh Shular on said:

    I just love this video. I had never thought to use gardening software before either. Seems almost too organized… I will try it! I like to plant beans, squash and corn together. They support each other. And grow well together!

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